Wednesday, February 9, 2011

while I was measuring....


time to send an early Philips Norelco 9710 back to Dr. Low Mu... they are fun, but not really crisp... a steal of a deal when they were US$20... killer for just making music... not too loud.. not expecting the ultimate...

so I measured them.. I had to... it needs about two cubic feet instead of this one cubic foot box, but you can quickly see why people like them.. as my friend Lenny says, "dashboard sound"... that memory of driving around on a beautiful day and your favorite song comes on the radio...

just another data point...



  1. Ahhh, look at that free air response curve, and then imagine these mounted in original Azurahorns... I think these are the same drivers that junk-master Jack Roberts ran (maybe still running?) in his big yellow horns -- and they sounded pretty good, too.

    (now building new mounting baffles and a rear magnet support leg from walnut for the field-coil drivers)

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