Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cheap Labor the USA.

Sure everyone in the corporate world uses and abuses interns for free labor.  In order to compete in this local economy, sometimes you need to get a bit creative and bend the rules a bit. Below are pictures of recent production from the kitchen table....ummm I mean factory of metalwork that needs to go out tomorrow for plating.

 Worker Leo who I assure you is at least 18 assembles a motor.

Worker Isaac who is most certainly 16 assembles a step up housing

The workers stand proudly by their creations

Next comes the QC inspection by highly trained outside consultants.
When the QC experts approve the workers are allowed to celebrate for 1 minute.  This celebration can be in the form of dance or Spongebob.  Tonight they chose dance.

I must admit that is it a bit tough to make sure the workers show up every day and all it takes is a little bit of "American Ingenuity" and my time proven method assures a happy worker ready to start work at 8AM every morning.

OK robert... you can make your CPS comment now :-)


  1. Hi Dave,
    If you constrain him with his arms in a downward position, so blood will flow properly, you may see a production increase of as much as 78%. Girls of approximately the same age were similarly chained to sewing machines in Malaysia, and a dramatic increase in production was realized when their arms were lowered.
    Just a thought...

  2. Superb post, Dave... the (quasi-senior?) cute employees seems well trained in irony, as well.

  3. Dave,

    You can also get more work feeding them processed sugar and soda! Works fro me every time!!


  4. I see you read the book Raising Children For Fun And Profit.


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