Wednesday, March 9, 2011

From the Dept. of Mysteries....

ok... three mysteries of late...

The first comes from a friend of mine.. Her father was a tinkerer and saved lots of random electronic things and I inherited them. Some were quite useful electronic tools and such, but others had no story with them. So here is mystery number one:

three bobbins.. common core.. one section meant to be rectified and filtered...

and this 127969AU number corresponds to??

mystery two:

last week my PC comes up with this:

nope, that is not my real desktop.... and, nope, I do not have any such program called "System Tool" on my computer. I knew enough to not click anywhere in the box, but even the Task Manager would not start... so I shut it down... After googling "System Tool virus" on an *Apple* computer, I found out it was definitely malware and that I could just delete the file after booting in safe mode. So the mystery here is just "Why do I even still have a PC??" and "Why does all of my simulation software run on PC's only?".... and finally, "Why do I pay McAfee??"....

and the final mystery for today:

how does one get a low frequency rumble on a simple LC power supply that is resistor loaded? this baby should be pure 120Hz.... I think I am about to learn something...



  1. The safest PC is one not connected to the internet. I actually disinfected three computers at work last month with the same gnarly system tool which also eluded our anti-virus which is kaspersky.

    Gotta love Mac :)

    Good luck

  2. Moral: Avoid McAfee and Kaspersky. Nod32 has never missed a virus in the wild...never...not even one.


    SWH Supply Company Part Numbers
    Phone: 502-589-9287
    Product Number,Description

  4. 1. Buy a Mac.
    2. Buy a copy of Fusion (Windows emulation for Mac)
    3. Buy a copy of Windows.
    4. Install Fusion
    5. Load Windows from within Fusion (easy peasy)
    6. Run Windows from within your Mac and really, you're all set.


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