Thursday, March 24, 2011

Western Electric 16A Horn....


Yes. Again. Why? Because you people need more beauty in your life! Most of today's pics are of Atsushi Tadashi's horn.


  1. There is a matched pair of these horns at the Pavek museum of broadcasting in MPLS. Our audio society occasionally fires them up. Decent but not outstanding sound.

  2. At , they usually show these monster gear...

  3. Doug: They're doing something wrong if you think WE 16A is only "decent"...they're pretty freaking good in my experience.

    In fact, we're taking one to the Munich show ("we" being Silbatone)configured as 16B (four WE555 drivers).

    We are adding a 4xAltec 515B push-push isobarik sub designed by jc morrison and a pr of 597A tweeters for full range performance. A stand-alone 16A/B only does about 90hz to 5-6k, but aside from bandwidth limitations they are quite good, independent of the fact that they are from 1928 and pretty much one of the first theater speakers.

    Sure your 555s are working properly? System setup is key with these things, I can say that much. For music, you would probably want to have tweeters.

    The 16B I was working on two weeks ago in Korea had totally commanding presence and kicked some serious hiney.

    Personally, I still like the wood 15A and the 594A/26A combo better but this freaky looking old thing ain't no slouch.


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