Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Good Mercury and Bad Mercury...


. yummy blue...

I know I am always posting about mercury... sorry... the stuff sounds great, but it is not easy to deal with... there is that whole toxicity issue... and then there is also a very high percentage of them that are just DOA or bad..... so how do you tell when mercury is going bad? well, the easy and practical method is color... blue is yummy good... purple is bad - headed toward death...

the one on the left is bad.... time to remove from service.... but the one on the right is pretty blue... it should be good for thousands and thousands of hours...



  1. i run rca83s on my preamp with a pair of paralleled 5687 pulling a total of 40mA (iirc).

    the blue is not a constant light, but flickers some what. i've change tubes, but the behavior is always the same.

    do you experience this with your mercury?

  2. yeah, that happens sometimes.. not always, though... I have asked a few people about the cause and never gotten a satisfactory answer..

    but do not worry, I have a flickering thyratron that has been rectifying 2600Vac daily for years with no issues..

    if you find out, please let us know!



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