Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sequerra T-9

Ijaz called me the other day and said he stumbled across a pair of Sequerra T9's.  Being unfamiliar with that designation I took to google and didn't find out much so it was time for a trip to Dick's to have a chat.

The most interesting thing about this design is that it is a dipole in a sense because it has two ribbons in series, one firing forward and the other backwards.

Of course they need new ribbons but that isn't an issue since they can easily be replaced.  Below are a few other shots for google to find so there is at least a bit of info on these tweeters out there for people to find.

Now why is Dave suddenly interested in ribbons?  I'm not really, but I am interested in magnets and given a little coaxing I tend to take on some crazy projects just to see what happens.  In the case of ribbons, the magnet of choice seems to be neodymium.  I'll be honest and say that in my limited direct comparisons, I do not like the characteristic sound of Neo magnets.  Dick chose ceramic out of the scale of economy and would have much preferred to use alnico5.  Now he is excited about the possibilities of what he thinks may be the best magnet type of all.  Time will tell where this project goes so stay tuned.

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