Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dang it, Mayer!

I had all these tube box pictures lined up for a rainy day and you go and start a tube box blog thread!!... dang it!... AND you start with the best ever, the RCA world boxes.... double dang it! ok... ok... you win... but here is one I like...

I actually really like their classic logo as seen at the bottom... the "Heintz_HK_Kaufman"... very classic.. but this wild electric HK and Gammatron in black, white, and orange is just phenomenal... one of my favorites...


  1. Hi Jeffrey...

    sorry man :-)

    Yes that HK box is cool!

    Wait until you see hwat else I have lined up for tube box art articles. I have not shown my favorite yet...


  2. Don't you have something larger? ;)

  3. Gammatron Versus Godzillza has a ring to it.....


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