Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Prime Time

I had the good fortune to meet and photograph Prime for the current NFL Sunday ticket campaign.  Everyone involved in the project just seemed to get it and things went so smoothly, I actually switched my TV service back to satellite.

I thankfully survived the hurricane without issues and it was a non-event for me.  I do find some of the sympathy mass emails of goodwill a little too self serving.

DTV cared

My bank also cared.

I could go on about the virtual support offered by the man but I would rather suggest they send people rather than email out to actually help.  Sadly, the folks sent out would be unpaid interns armed with silver spoons to clean up this mess suffered by a fellow audio junkie.


  1. I knew we had a bad phone connection, but I missed the part about anything being covered with mud. This was a surprise, yes?

  2. Not my stuff. Just a fellow Junkie's place north and west of me.



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