Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer Vacation....

school has started back... so productivity has picked up again... but I already miss summer... I like summer.. who doesn't? but the crazy memphis heat and humidity does eventually get to you.. the kids get a little stir crazy.. so we have taken to crashing at Lenny's under the guise of "working on his HiFi".. really just getting up in altitude.. dropping twenty to forty degrees.. and getting in some porch time..

so how about a few pictures?

JP, my youngest, chillin' on a rock...

the HiFi we were working on... this is the "social system"... it has to sound good in the kitchen, in the living room, and most importantly, on the porch!

amp tweaking was actually easy.. it turns out the driver stage in his PT Barnum amp could not even clip the output stage, so a quick change and it actually sounded dynamic.. before the changes the volume knob acted a bit more like a compressor/tone control... ahh.. much better now..

there was a lot of talk about gardens.. but God's gardens just can't be bettered:

on teh way to the best hikes.. probably around 5000 feet...

yep.. so a crazy setup until you think it through.... Altec 416 in a big cabinet... original Goto cast horn and Goto alnico 555 (their first product) in conga drum shells up firing... time alignment was actually pretty close.. I measured all of this stuff... and TAD 4001's, with rear covers removed and domes up firing as tweeters..

and more of one of the hikes.. what I once again wish I could convey over a computer is the smell... man, oh man!

when we first set it up, it just was not really blending well.. so I asked for some scrap cardboard to try out some reflectors... this is what I got in return! probably should not show Goto-San... or maybe he would share a cold PBR on the porch with us? do you think he would dig the Richard Johnston and Elmore James?

and what a swimming hole! waterfall.. cold refreshing water.. just perfect... far from the 105 with ninety percent humidity that is Memphis... far, far away...

now back to work... with Elmore James in my brain!


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  1. Wow looks like a great time. We were looking at the ice hotel in Alaska.

    Just curious what does removing the back off the TAD accomplish?


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