Monday, August 1, 2011

Robert's rules of order.

The boys were reading their bedtime books and the younger one was out.  I challenged the older one to quiz me on his new star wars book.  I was humbled when the guy who wore the brown hood wasn't obi wan.  I was perplexed when it wasn't lord vader with the black hood.  I quickly looked for revisionist history and the lack of official info in the front of the book had me thinking Rod Serling would be stepping out with an unfiltered camel in hand to bring things back to reality.

Fortunately, legos can only be manipulated in positive ways so I present you the $100  armrest from the land of...


  1. Now how about an erector set arm lift ; )

  2. Yep. Now, add a Lincoln Log plinth, and you have a complete setup.

  3. Don't tempt me....



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