Monday, November 28, 2011

Emia Exists.

That's right boys and girls, JJ and I are finally trying to bring our wares to the masses with an actual line of bang for the buck products.

Pictured above is a two chassis phono stage and remote autoformer volume control.  All three units will sit side by side and take up a single rack space. 

We also have the ability to use different colors for the front plates but for now we are both diggin' the chocolate which appears nearly black when in a rack but just gives us a hint of warmth to match our other copper based patina look.

If the remotes offer too much bling on the autoformers we also have the more affordable manual attenuators.

These can be used on their own or in conjunction with the phono stage.  Both the manual and the remote units offer dual inputs and parallel outputs.

Our goal was to keep things understated as can be seen by the input selector and up/down switches on the remote units.  We also decided to keep our names subtle with the branding as well and we think it works.

Final retail prices are still TBD based on how badly we get beat up by the distributors we are dealing with.  Until those deals are in place and a firm price is set, we may have a few units for sale in the back of our white van.

stay tuned.


  1. So, what is inside the pretty pretty phono boxes? LCR? Tennis Balls? 12AX7s with 9 volts on the plate?

  2. when the phono details come available I may just have to buy one. Best,

  3. Love the understated aesthetics. What are the plans for the rest of the product line? Is there a white van pre-order list?

  4. EMIA is looking great!

    Great design as usual can't wait to see more info on the site.

  5. Very Mark Rothko looking. Love it!

  6. Yes please! At last! Very much looking forward to these and a price list.

    Thanks! Justin B.

  7. Could you comment on what is inside the phono stage? J.


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