Thursday, November 3, 2011

Off the shelf...NOT!

Ready to ship out today are an assortment of IED's  (intelligent electrical designs).  In the group are a pair of 1:100's for pete's IO LTD, 1:50's for Ming's IO LTD, 1:20's for Scott's A90, 1:10's for Joel's A90 and the short one with the extra wire is a 1:10 unibomber for Alan's premium Be mono.  The two absent from the class picture are the 1:20's for Jean's and Alan's Shilabe in silver and copper. 

enjoy folks and thanks!


  1. Early Chanukah for me :) Looking forward to experiencing both SUT's.

  2. Time to fire up my TT. Thank Dave! -Ming

  3. Oh boy, looking forward to these. Thanks Dave! :-)


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