Monday, November 7, 2011

leftover chicken dinner.

 Another Name.

 Beau is next in the "claim game" 

since oneinthepipe is a no show thus far, says the next name is mister #72.  by counting backwards I get one mad_winner!

we gave oninthepipe a week and if he (rash assumption) actually puts the pipe down and responds first they are his.  mad_ gets the weekend to claim and then another name gets pulled out of the random hat and added to the mix.

first to claim gets it



  1. Oops posted in the wrong entry but here's my claim check now.

  2. This is MAD world - I was just out of town for training and lost my chance, my first "won" any lottery ever. #!&arggghh

    OK Beau - you really take care to use those and have fun!!!


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