Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Line Controller...

for now, just a tease of the Experience Music Line Controller...

Shown above is just the signal chassis. It will be a two chassis setup just like the phono stage. In fact, the face of the power supply will have the same dual switching arrangement.

I am working on quite a few things that are very near completion. This should be a really fun November..

Enjoy your Fall color! (down under, enjoy Spring!)



  1. I win a chicken dinner!! damn I was hoping for ribs but looks like chicken will have to do. It will definitely find a place of honor.

  2. Dude! Your line controller brings all the boys to the yard....

    LOL sorry couldn't resist its the sake talking.

    Seriously that design is wicked cool.. Can't wait to see them finished.

  3. Not that anyone will be surprised...it sounds better than it looks!


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