Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cardon and Sparton mesh rectifiers..


just a fun one that I found when rummaging...

Sparton and Cardon made mesh versions of a few of our favorite tubes.... this one is the half wave rectifier type 81... I love them just because of the big globe bottle and the beautiful filament that glows through the mesh... here is a shot pulled from the mesh 50 I used in a line level crossover I built a while back...

and for Adam, I must zoom out a bit on that first shot... he has been promised this photo for a while...

and lastly... could you read that label? how about a close up?

yeah.. that's right.. Bonham Music Shop in the Haight... rumor has it John Bonham's old man sold Jerry Garcia this very rectifier! I am gonna eBay and retire! (rumor not verified)


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  1. Hi Jeffrey,
    just saw the half-pipe in your garden on one of these pics. You could make a brilliant horn out of it – for garden parties or something ;)



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