Saturday, February 18, 2012

For Sale: RCA MI-1443 [MI-1428] Field Coil Compression Drivers...


Yep... time to let them go.. I have lived with them and loved them... but they are collecting dust.. which is a crime.. so time to go...

These are the higher voltage, 115Vdc, versions.. some say better, and more highly sought after versions.. the only difference between these and the more common 1428 is the field coil voltage... all else is the same...

Serial numbers are 1261 and 5861.. the earlier one has the ever so slightly more green tint to the paint.. definitely rare.. and I dig it more than the later simple grey... you will only notice in side by side comparisons, but it is there...

sonically, they are perfect... same diaphragms.. same sweeps... a very good matched pair.. see the plots and video below..

oh, and I even have a good clean pair of the original connectors that I made new cables for.. they fetch a couple hundred themselves..

private email to experiencemusic at hotmail dot com is probably best..


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  1. What did you replace these RCA units with?

    I am struggling to decide between JA6681B, TAD 4001 and RCA MI1428. Having only heard the JA6681B and being rather pleased with it, I wonder if there is any point in pursuing other drivers. I have been experimenting with a cheap siren driver called Federal Sound FS100W and was not at all pleased with its phenolic diaphragm in direct comparison with the aluminum diaphragm JA6681B and the Community M200, and I wonder if I am hearing something different than others, who claim phenolic drivers are the best on earth. These were however very cheap drivers. I should test out the JA6603 phenolic diaphragm to see if phenolic can sound superior. Maybe its the 5" size of the diaphragm that makes the RCA1428B such a great driver, since it can reach lower more effortless. The JA6681B can reach 250Hz, but 340Hz is more comfortable - just like I have read about the RCA MI1428.


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