Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TAD 2001 on Le Cleac'h 650 Hz high T horn...


A local came by. He likes what he has heard of the horns... and wants to get his feet wet... Well, he got more than his feet wet. Look at his new toys!

He started by asking if I had anything laying around. Sadly, in the quest to try to listen to as much as possible, I often have really nice stuff just sitting. The pile below is just one pile of a few. So we had options. He listens in a relatively small room.. so integrating a lot of large horns is tougher... but the TAD 2001 drivers on a very fast flare horn really cover a wide range. I measured flat from lower than I would recommend crossing over up to higher than my microphone is accurate (any good measurement microphone recommendations?).... I actually had some NOS diaphragms.. these things are really cool.. different from the JBL Beryllium as these are formed by vapor deposition.. that has to be a nasty and toxic process... these look as if the dust would just flake off.. obviously it does not actually do that... but compared to the formed from flat sheet JBL diaphragms, they look like it!

some random shots along the way:

I have a few of these horns left... they have been great.. no issues so far.. heavy... solid... sound great.. and I have a friend with another pair of TAD's available if anyone wants to mimic this rig...



  1. I caught my TD2001 divers last week end ! They replaced my beloved Altec 909-8A, and I can say I'm very happy so far, the best 1" drivers to me. Do you know where it is possible to get a spare pair of diaphragms ? I run them on Guigue horns from 700/800Hz to 20kHz. I still need to work on the Xover.
    Regards, Maxime from France.

  2. JJ,

    Ya really gotta replace those wires from the binding posts to the diaphragm. I did that in mine back in the day and it was a really nice improvement.


  3. I sell 2 td 2001 (one without membrane) 600e spain


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