Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lemonade from Lemons.. and bye bye birdie....

Remember those fires in Los Alamos last summer? Well, my friends from the area, Robert and Deb, survived quite well thanks to a move to a new location down by the river a few years back. However, one of their friends lost part of his house... ouch.. but while the wall was down, being the audiophile that he is, he decided to install that horn in the subfloor that had been lurking in the back of his mind for a while. As a long time audiophile, he had never quite forgotten the sound of horns... and being a physicist, he knew the theoretical advantages... and those advantages are greatest in the bass... he asked my friend robert to help think it through.. robert, being the guy he is, not only 'thought it through", but ran simulations and helped pick out woofers that met the budget and application.... (my only role was to look at their plan and say "cooool").... the plan was in place for a quick install over the holiday break...

floor cut (note blue tarp for wall)

first half

long section half way

first fold

second half

second section

third section

second fold


throat chamber

motor box

back panel

ready to play

The horn "exceeds all expectations".... but while he did manage to get everything out of his house and save most everything, he lost a very unique friend....

"ok, i was thinking, should tell you a little more of the burned house story.
some of the house burned, but other than that he got everything out, just some smoke damage.
including his bird.
he had this starling, he rescued 7 years ago, & the smoke got to its lungs & it died.
but the bird was cool.
it had lived its whole life between his speakers, so it didn't know bird songs,
but it could sing. mostly liked the blues, or jimi's guitar, but got upset, and would screech if he played metal.
thing was you usually couldn't hear it, unless you got close, because it had perfect pitch,
and would sing lead, or harmony, at whatever level would fit in with whoever it was singing with.
rip starling"

what an amazing story...



  1. Amazing horn.

    Amazing story.

    Wow.... Bass horn : ) I like the size.

  2. Damn, Robert and Deb are some lucky ducks to be living in such a nice horn.

  3. Yo, Jeffrey.

    Can we join this May?
    When you teach me Southern English before Munich this year?

    It's the old same story :



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