Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ionovac Tweeter - Omahaul pt I...


hello friends... well, I finally got my old school theatre gear score.. alas, it was second hand from the guy who actually removed it from the theatre thirty years ago.. but it was an old-school deal none the less... the guy did not want to eBay it.. he wanted it to go to a loving home... he is an electronics and audio guy himself, and had all sorts of things he was cleaning out of his basement..

as I had to drive to Omaha, Nebraska to get this stuff.. and as the gear that I will show you in later segments came from a theatre in Omaha, I have to call this the Omahaul of a lifetime..

first up is the Ionovac tweeter.. I was super stoked he gave this to me as dave and I have had these half cooked plans for a plasma tweeter for a long time.. I really dig the plasma tweeter sound.. the way it just makes the room size grow when you turn it on.. effortless and big.. it made me understand that audiophile term "air"...

even though large flames can play down low.. (use an Eimac transmitting tube and make it play down to 500Hz? madness!)... it seems to not quite have the impact of the best tweeters.. but the best tweeters (big Goto and ALE, original WE tweeters, and those amazing GIP gold tweeters!) do not do what the plasma does.. so I am thinking to roll the plasma in above the classic WE tweeters... best of both worlds will be the goal.. we will find out...

Another key reason to play with these is to finally have a tweeter that is the efficiency of these powerful midrange horns.. it is not easy.. the laws of physics catch up by the treble.. and as these are self-powered, you can say goodbye to those damaging attenuators on your midrange horns.. let them run free!..

If you are interested in a plasma tweeter to keep up with your horns, please drop me a note offline.. I need to gauge how much interest there is in this project... I want one, but I have been accused of valuing music as high as religion...


  1. That is in great shape.... Omahaul... Hmmm.. Hey what are you doing Saturday?

    Music is more important than religion.

    Congrats. It is good to see this stuff in the right hands.

  2. Wow! Those swank ed-out EV packaged Ionovacs are rare. A thing of beauty!

    I agree that in the end Ionovacs are a bit too ethereal and I want more physical bite. But there is a glimpse into a transcendental realm of HF splendor with this sparky technology.

    A good tweeter is a religious experience.

  3. Ionovac tweeter BUY HOW MUCH!


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