Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New room layout....


hey kids... over the holidays.. actually, on my birthday in December, I decided to rearrange the listening room... not that it had sonic issues... more that it was not a comfortable room for just hanging out.. the sweet spot was great, but the traffic was a mess.. just no room..

the new layout is wonderful... the overhead rails make adding and moving horns very easy.. the sound is already better than it was and I have yet to really get into the details! having a coffee table is nice... the kids hang out and do homework.. I can set a computer down.. plenty of room to have a small project out as well as a sketch pad..

and I could not have done it without my new favorite tool - the CM Puller.. it made the job easy....

oh, and I noticed this view from the throat of the horn... too funny.. and Lisa's least favorite thing about the room.. she hates these albums more than the steel railing! I like the way the colors on each album are slightly different (I only read it for the articles?)...

anyway.. there is the first installment of the new room.. and yes, dave, that is an Experience Music Electrodynamic 650 without a horn.. I have to finish up pete's horn and then it will return.. why don't you drive down my lathe?



  1. Do you know, with some sly arrangement of the lighting, a strategically placed pillow and maybe a couple of ficus plants, they would disappear into the room.

    The 2405s, that is...

  2. I agree and don't underestimate the power of doilies from Doilymania.


  3. That looks like CV's place! He ended up acquiring another house for his stuff.


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