Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Treehouse...


OK... I had a third request for the treehouse... so here she is!

I had the kids draw and come up with ideas. After removing some great ideas (like a zipline from the roof of our house to the treehouse) that I knew would never pass the "Mom veto", we were left with a rather plain affair for now. It does serve its purpose very well, however. It is great to get twelve feet off the ground. It feels totally different up there... we did manage to sneak in the trap door and the rope ladder... oh, and the rope and bucket for getting "stuff" up and down...

the halfpipe from above:

My little woodshop and open work area:

the trap door:

I will update you as the kids add and modify... it does make me very happy that they will stay up there for hours at a time... especially as I found out I am a bit afraid of heights... laying the first long and heavy cross beams while balancing on a single 2" beam was a bit more distressing than I had imagined...



  1. very cool and nice work!

    Spot a pair of empty back loaded horn cabs in the background too. double nice!

  2. Aww. Cool Dad!

  3. How do you get a one-armed hippie out of a tree?

    Answer: Pass him a joint.


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