Friday, July 6, 2012

Capital Audiofest Preview.

We are taking the Lowther Field Coil show on the road to DC, this time supported by Emia and some really trick Garrard tables.  The field coils will be in some 160hz Azura Horns with a pair of 15" Hawthorne Audio Augies in open baffles to cover below 200hz or so.

We will be a vinyl only room and since a local family member is a Garrard junkie the tables will be really trick.  Ijaz was the inspiration for the "brass 301" and that will be one of the tables in the room.

A second table will be another 301 where we can go back and forth between the stock and brass platters as well as stock and brass idler wheels.  The arms will be a Schroder, Talea, a "surprise" arm and as always a couple of RS-A1's.

Like the LSAF  we will have EMIA MC and strain gauge front end electronics with autoformers and the 50 amp with the 80% nickel outputs.  Both silver and copper versions of the MC stepups and autoformers will also be on hand.  Chris from Tel-Wire will be sending a box of wires to hook everything up.

The speakers are set up and playing and everything else is in the works like securing a supply of BlackmanBrew to prevent dehydration.


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