Friday, July 13, 2012

cellphone shots from the gang at Capital Audiofest...

 I am sure that Dave will fill in details and post better pictures soon, but I thought you guys and girls would want in on the fun while it was happening... 

This was the first picture he sent... it is of fellow horn junkies from Brooklyn... when they noted that dave was nearly a day ahead of everyone on setup, all by himself, they noted that he must be powered by all the Cokes he was drinking... he told them it was "Mexican Coke"...

below is the first shot I received of the layout... it looks great to me... but I really dig Ikea for the simplicity of things... the bench is record storage.. so is the "HiFi rack"... and for a hotel room show, which is by definition lame, this looks appealing.. great job, dave.. sincerely...

and then there is this team member.. wow, man.. Barrett comes through *again*... insane... 

I do not want to know who partakes of the "yellow dog"... that one scares me... they might start eating the furnishings.. or even worse, the lowther cones!

Happy Friday, everyone!



  1. Dave wearing khaki pants; a sure sign of the apocalypse.


  2. Well... Finally it all comes down to the really important things - which is... beer.
    Thanks for pointing me there.

    /Holger, seriously thinking of establishing a beer link section on his blog.

  3. Dave,
    Went to pickup the CO2 TANK but you guys were gone already...

    Triode Pete

  4. Dave,

    Superb pictures. I should have been there; maybe next year.


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