Tuesday, July 31, 2012

People with glass plinths....

When the new 301 showed up on Friday, I was already on my way to the Mythical Land of Walter where much fun was had and a post / dance challenge will follow.  When I returned I realized I had a table but no plinth to put it in.  Ijaz suggested the milwaukee version of mexican coke but I chose glass.

It is sounding very different from the Empire and now it is time to get going on a "proper" plinth. In case any of you wondered, the about the record cover  "It's a joke son, you're supposed to laugh!". The thing actually riding the hammertone is:


  1. Dave,

    Congrats on the table but it looks like someone has been staying up late working the lathe!! Going to have to borrow one of those copper posts to fit my weight.

    1. total irony here. Found a mini-mill today and am picking it up tomorrow. Lathe must have sensed me cheating and blew up. I finished up the copper posts on a cordless drill and a grinder.

  2. And so the craze begins.
    I'm going out to get some pint glasses.

  3. No half pint plinths for you Dave. I understand that if you fill and seal the glasses with the out of production "Rare Bourbon County Stout" the damping effects are superlative.


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