Monday, July 23, 2012

Copper & Brass & Steel Oh My!

A few days back I mentioned about the counterweights for the RS-A1 arm from various materials.  In the initial tests we used the steel upright and simply swapped in the steel, brass and copper weights.  I needed a break so I made up a quick brass upright to make the brass vs. steel comparison a bit more valid.

Well,  I have to admit I was shocked that that there was a difference and how easily audible it was.  I didn't much care for the copper at all.  It was dead and lifeless and seemed to steal all of the energy from the music.  The original steel weight had much more life but I have to say that for this one round the brass was the clear winner and it just played music.

More to come.


  1. Hi David, Would love to try the brass counterwieght on my RS labs arm. Clearly this is not a stock arm. What is the device in front of the pivot column?

  2. Jelco JL-45 tonearm lift?

  3. Hi Dave... cool job with arm lifter:-)
    Do you confirm you had to unsolder hair-like cables to instal the lift?
    Thanks for confirming and... well done.

  4. The lifter is not my design. Credit goes to Tony Bombera and it has a cut in it so it installs in less than a minute.


  5. How about Bronze?
    Never heard it,
    but it i remember Serge used it on his wood arm.
    Has a nice old ring to it too........

  6. next metal order will have bronze bits in it.

  7. Every different mix of Brass has a clearly different sound, start with 60/40 and experiment from there. Gunmetal also. Cost is worthwhile - unless you've of course lucked out first try with a standard 60/40. Lead with 5% Antimony is also interesting as is Osmium if you like neutrality. Of course further can be explored via various exercises in constrained layer damping, it never ends....


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