Saturday, February 9, 2013

what is 30cm?


  1. invasion of the albino brain chiggers is nearly complete

  2. roughly the diameter of an Altec 414.... did I win?

  3. i bet the boys are having the best effing time...

  4. Storm spared Brooklyn. Isn't that why you have a deck? Not for sunning or cutting metal rods, it's for leaving the house when it snows too much. I assume you hd the snow plowed up to the deck to the boys can sled all the way down to the lake?

  5. igloo built... eskimos moved in.

    the problem with the sledding to the lake is the Neighbors have an aerator so they can keep their dock in year round. The end would be the making of great youtube video!

    hmmm... can a sled make it across 40 feet of open water...


  6. Think bobsled and heated runners. I am sure there is a calculation on how fast the sled needs to be moving to make it. Once calculations are complete who tests it? Dogs or kids?

    Also this option.


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