Saturday, February 9, 2013

Slight pause at EMIA while our friends rebuild....


The good news for dave and I is that we have been flying through the EMIA chassis... but that is just light happy-hour gossip compared to the fire that swept through our friends at Par-Metal and Antek... they are the guys who build the heavy gauge steel chassis for EMIA... nobody was injured... and they already have new product on the transformer side; therefore showing great resolve to come back fighting... but no word just yet on when the big metal break and water-jet will be back up and running...

if you happen to live nearby, do what dave does - take them pork buns!

as I type, all phono stage chassis have been spoken for... there are a couple of strain gauge chassis still available... and one amplifier chassis... oh, and one autoformer box.... more dates when we have them.... they are super nice guys and hard workers... we will wait this one out for them...

Antek Inc.

To our customers:
Our offices and warehouse were damaged in a fire on Jan 23rd, 2013. we are currently working on rebuilding and our products will be restocked in one to two months. Please follow up our website for the updates.


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