Thursday, February 14, 2013

Child Abuse / Happy Valentine's Day Eniac

It was Science Night at the elder workers state mandated daytime vacation and like any manipulative employer, I made him take his work to school.  (what better place to recruit child labor?)

(prehistory/props)  TJ on the GM70 list offered up some some swag that was cluttering his basement.  I'm going to pay it all forward and all credit goes to him which will start the soon to be seen TJ_files.

Back on topic.  When I brought this pile of junk home, much interest was taken in a Tube tester that had the gall to not posses a 9 pin tube socket and both workers wanted to learn how to use this antiquated device.

Being a somewhat sympathetic boss, I chose to indulge the elder worker and strongly suggested the  world of ancient technology is a dead end.  He demanded to move on.

Kids like it big and the GM-100 "lightbulb" (again from TJ) caught the most attention.

One thing I saw while performing my duty to ensure the elder worker could not escape to freedom was the interest of an odd gender I could not identify.

Official policy dictates that workers are not allowed emotion so happy birthday Eniac.


  1. Then he pushes the button to let 3000 volts cherry up the plate. You should let him build a Jacobs Ladder

  2. Well, at least somebody in the family can get women!

    If a man can get women with vacuum tubes, he's good, real good. :)


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