Friday, February 22, 2013

Creating Things.

We always seem to get roped into simple projects the turn out to be not so simple when you break them down to their most basic parts.  Take for example, what I spent a fair bit of time making for an EMIA design project for a fellow family member.

The good news is the mill and the lathe allowed me to "hack" out these parts and when they fit together they look like this.

As for their use... The final "part" is pictured below.  It is a slug of 9 pounds of copper 'spun right round like a record baby'.... (children of the 80's and people with kids will get this one)*

Nothing above is really pretty but at some point inbetween the beginning and the end of the process that spool of copper looks pretty cool.

*  Reference for the children of the 80's... click to the right because nothing of value is below.

My memories:

Not sure what version my kids are singing....

I could go on but I might possibly infringe on Christian's collection of "Fever"  and even though it could possibly happen, I would never mount such a quixotic battle.



  1. Now we know what is going through your head while winding coils and transformers.

    Separately the videos scare me a little but if you push play on all of them it sounds much more like residents throwing a tantrum in a disco.

  2. Yeah.... but I do look good in a kimono.


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