Saturday, March 2, 2013

a sweet permalloy pea wrapped in silver.

On the micro level here are a set of silver LCR inductors ready to be put in their pod to ship.

 Once in their pod they look like this.

 Now consider some may want pods with different flavors.

As much as I like peas filled with silver, most of the time permalloy peas are copper.

Now that the phono correction is taken care of for customers in three different parts of the world... lets add the attenuation pods in silver.

I broke the mold with the 6X box and regret it.   I had to go find an odd-pod friendly box.

46 silver peas and 20 copper peas ready to go into 3 bigger pods to ship.


  1. Hi Dave!

    Looking forward to get my silver peas :-)


  2. Gotta hear the silver peas.....
    Any chance you'll make LSAF this year?

  3. AH! My EMT just deserves something new ... AH! Gotta keep the soldering iron warm.


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