Thursday, March 7, 2013

the latest "new" Hendrix album...

People, Hell and Angels....

ok.. there is a lot of criticism about what Experience Hendrix has been releasing... and I understand... this is not what Jimi himself (a perfectionist) would have released, but it is too easy to criticize and so difficult to create... and I am *very* grateful to hear these Hendrix studio and live practice sessions... he was a master improviser... the subtle flourishes that seem to just float and flow.. never showy, just what needed to be there... and who could work a wah-wah like he could?  I am so happy I bought this.. I mean, come on! .. there is content here of the beginning of Band of Gypsies!!.. worth $24 to my local record shop....

(for the fellow Hendrix fans - if Electric Ladyland does not do it for you, then move along)

oh, and check out the crowd on this photo.. not sure they quite get it.. or even know what to think... I know I would have been making a fool of myself - gyrating right along with him!



  1. Yeah, I don't think the admiral in the front row is feeling it.

  2. Larson and me need another visit to hear this.


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