Monday, March 4, 2013

Silbatone at Munich High End 2013 - preview

I gotta hand it to them, they always put together shocking systems... year after year... and to even put *one* together in a year is a huge undertaking... (Manho, how are you holding up?)

so this year, it is Mirrophonic... you knew it was coming... this is the father of all the modern systems... two way with a break in the lower mids... 300 is teh classic break, it crept up to 800 for later small Altec stuff.... and I think even up to 1500 for some JBL.. but no talking about those toys when we need to be discussing real deal Mirrophonic!!

The picture below is from SIAS last weekend:

so last I heard from South Korea, this system had *dual* 594's on the 26 multi-cell.... and then dual 4181's on the W-bin that goes by several names depending on configuration... I think the single is TA-7401  (Theatre Apparatus = TA).. but the TA-7396 is also dual 4181's with wings above and beside the  woofers.... and then of course the GIP 9501 tweeter... that tweeter is utterly amazing... so beautiful... so clean.... it might be perfect....

total props to Silbatone... it is real work to do this... and they do it just to share and teach..



  1. Hi Jeffrey,
    you are right about the dual 594s - I finally need to get those pictures from that system done.
    This is going to be great fun at Munich, and much more LedZep compatible than the 15a and the 16a from the last two years.

    Cheers: Holger

  2. it will be fun to see who jumps on the mirrorphonic bandwagon next.

    thanks for taking chances and publicly pushing the envelope.

  3. I am so looking forward to Munich!

  4. We are going with one 594A per side on the 26As. This configuration is called the Mirrophonic Model 3, Two drivers per side is the Model 2.

    Actually, one is enough!


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