Sunday, March 10, 2013

Celebrate the Makers! - Nick F...


I think it is time to start a new segment celebrating the makers out there.. DIY is first hand experience.. it is how the knowledge base grows.... how the art of HiFi grows... we are few, but we are passionate.. and music is not going anywhere, so build!  pass on your knowledge!  build systems to celebrate music.. and **dance**!!!

how sick was this landing in my inbox??  monster DIY effort... I *know* what it takes to make this...

dude!  that Eimac sound!  filament biased 3c24 stacked supply direct coupled to a 75tl... 45 line stage.. 872's glowing underneath... lots of big iron... some oil caps.. some film caps... variacs.. meters.. line filters... casters!  and lots of yummy dave iron... (I think I own most of the iron in this project - doh!)... 

and I know I own that granite machinist's plate and stand.. ask me what my turntable is sitting on.... and Edgar Titans (DIY version?)  with horn sub!  just awesome effort....  



  1. Superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Must be averaging 100lbs a watt : )

  2. So where can i get those schematics?


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