Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Exhilaration III

It has been a while since I have updated the thoughts and results from experiments that are leading to the Exhilaration I through V speakers. I think the model that most people will be able to fit into their spaces is the Exhilaration III. This model will have the straight midbass horn that reaches down fully to sixty Hz. (I have trashed quite a few horns in figuring out that sixty is my magic number.) Up top will be a midhorn that skips teh top octave in favor of majestic mids. Music is in teh middle, after all. I am leaning toward a horn in the 200 Hz range. I was planning to add in a tweeter above 15k anyway, so why not bring it in just a little lower in frequency and be able to bring the mid horn down along with it?

I have been living with the prototype midbass horn for a while now, so I am just working out some construction details. Stiffness is king in the midbass. The horn has to be solid. You can really hear the difference.

The drivers will be a compression driver with a 3" diameter diaphragm and a 15" woofer down low. Field coils will of course be available for both as highly recommended options... (evil grin)


  1. Looks way cool. I think that at the end of the day, speakers are where its at.

    For domestication in smaller environs, I could see bolting your mid horn and supertweeter on top of a folded Klipschorn type corner bass box. With the real pretty wood horn it would be a face even women would love.

    Could the bass horn be a hibrid with the 15 inch driver backloaded in a ported box tuned to 40 or 50hz to augment the horn output?

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  3. see dave,
    book shelf speakers,
    for those who don't live in the city,
    as per our conversation the other night...


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