Friday, July 2, 2010

My take on flavor.

Based on Jeffrey's last post I was able to replicate his experiments as best I could with parts on hand. Amorphous Outputs are 10K:16, 80% nickel outputs are 20K:16 with limited inductance (160hz up) Output tube is a 300B so things aren't perfect, yet you gotta work with what you have. In any case without going into too many details, I think the culinary aspects dominated the experiments.

For actual scale, the nickel outputs are one size up from what JJ had and the amorphous OT's have 1/2 the core of the 304TL beasts. Before anyone asks which is better I want to be clear that we all have and are allowed out own tastes. Keeping with the food analogies, I'd say that to me, amorphous is like a meal at a nice restaurant and the nickel is the comfort food cooked by your mom that you request whenever you go home.


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