Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Mythical Land of Walter.

On my weekend travels I stumbled upon this out of the way place in the land called Walter where in a relaxed atmosphere old friends meet, sometimes for the first time.

The history and scale of the venue perfectly matched the history and the scale of the toys being played with and the company reminded me of another time when things were genuine.

At the end of the day (which happened to be the next morning) the keeper of the land spoke some important words to me that rang true on so many levels and those simple words were.... "I don't care". Given what I am allegedly a trained professional at, I should be embarrassed by the pictures I have posted but the past 24 hours have been a wonderful education in freedom and acceptance.


  1. Good to see you (and everyone else) there! Glad you could make it.

  2. Hello,

    Alan Sides introduced me to Ubangies in about 1970 in a garage he rented on a palm tree lined street called Ocean Way in Santa Monica, CA. We were in our late 20s then. His amp had a red placard taped on it " Big Mac".... swapping hamburger and audio fame. RCA MI-9595 90 by 40 treble horn was on top.

    Those four Ubangie enclosures you just saw were part of my 1990's collection of six. Four went to Walter and two to a microphone specialist fellow in California, north of L.A. The single port box cut off was developed by Don Davis, aka "Dr.FieldCoil" perhaps the best remaining vintage reconer in the USA . Don ran stacked Ubangie cabinets in his small home for years in the Austin Texas area. In the 1990s, he developed the single port mod, as it was what we really needed for home use, wider range, with a variety of modern drivers. Of Walter's four as I recall, Don cut-down two and I did the other two enclosures. It is SO nice to see my "old friends" in use again in a decent setting. Not a bad juke box for one's home. Cheers, Jeff Medwin


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