Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Three is the Magic number.

No not another De La Soul entry but one that takes me back to my youth. Back in the day when we only had 4 channels on TV to watch on Saturday mornings in between Bugs Bunny and the Roadrunner on ABC there was an entire series of educational animated music videos called Schoolhouse Rock

About 15 years ago when I first met Steve Berger, he told me how he played with Bob Dourough and I hadn't a clue to who he was. He then mentioned Schoolhouse Rock and suddenly I knew every lyric the man had written, or so I thought. Over the course of the next few years it became clear to me that those catchy lyrics are only a part of his legacy and to this day his contributions to music have spanned 80+ years.

My Buddy Steve is working on a documentary about Bob's life and like most independent films, they don't have the $$ to finish it. The lack of funding has lead them to Kickstarter to try to generate the needed $$ to finish shooting a few scenes and edit the film. After reading up on how the process works, I felt confident in making a small pledge. I look at it this way, for the cost of seeing some piece of Hollywood crap in Stadium seating you can help a worthwhile cause and get an autographed copy of the movie to boot.

I rarely do this kind of thing but do not feel guilty in the least trying to pimp it out. I know there aren't enough people here to even make a dent, but I also know that spreading the word is viral and the people here are passionate, so if you see me trying to help out a friend on another forum, chime in with support. Better yet, make a post about the project on your favorite forum and help spread the word.

The project is the featured on on Kickstarter today but in the future the direct link is:

Devil May Care


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  1. Dorough is a national treasure-his tunes having been adopted by musicians as diverse as Blossom Dearie, Jack Sheldon, Irene Kral, Diana Krall, Carmen McRae, Jeff Buckley, Miles Davis/Gil Evans, and Freddy Cole. He's also composed a few tunes with Dave Frishberg that have a cult-cult following. School House Rock is just the tip of his relative iceberg. As he would say, 'when it was hip to be hep, he was hep.'

    Here's MIles doing Devil May Care...Diana Krall does a nice vocal version too...Enjoy...


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