Friday, January 27, 2012

back from vacation....


ahhh... a *real* vacation... and thank you to my lovely lady who actually won the trip at her job.... thanks, baby! it was exactly what the doctor ordered....

Musical accompaniment to my "plant, hop, swish... plant, hop, swish"..

My Morning Jacket - "Z"
Mingus - "Blues and Roots"
Air - "Moon Safari"
Muddy Waters - "His Best: 1947 to 1955"
The Black Keys - "Rubber Factory"
The Disco Biscuits - "Trancefusion Radio Vol II"
G. Love and Special Sauce - "Best of..."
King Sunny Ade - "Juju Music"
James Brown - "Star Time - Mr. Dynamite"
Seattle Loft Party (Skerik, Sawka, Watts) 2/22/02



    But we all know this is what was really going through your head....

  2. Telluride... nice!

    That's a sweet spot. Actually, anywhere out west kicks ass for skiing vs. what we have in the east.


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