Thursday, January 19, 2012


Since we only have a few days left of uncensored internet in the US, I feel that it is time to introduce you all to a new black box.  These simple cases effectively enclose and shield a single SUT.  They are utilitarian and on the scale we work at, they do the job nicely.  In the future they will be dressed up a bit and integrated into a lame attempt at a product but for now they exist as the next step beyond the bomb.

Our entire goal is to give credit where credit is due and the inspiration for this particular shielding came from frank who was the first person to practically box up my SUT's.  While I have successfully made them silent in "odd" but "technically correct" packaging, somehow the aesthetic doesn't inspire people as shown by the "where's waldo" bomb below.

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  1. Dave, From an aesthetic standpoint I prefer my industrial chic "bombs". The only caveat is that the effective shielding should be on par with the new design.



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