Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Blasting New Year.

Spent part of new years eve old skool.

went through a few different vintage boxes and a few size D batteries. (I was amazed how much better things sounded on batteries)

They were in the 12 cell and 30-40 pound range.

And all of the music was analog!

Analog even when we listened those funny round disks.

Now that is one trick box!  It auto senses, cues records finds tracks and plays both sides. (dual linear tracking arms and cartridges) I asked how it tracked on the move and there is a pressure switch under the left rear foot that only takes a small piece of duct tape to disable.  We didn't skip it but then again we didn't try too hard.

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  1. I love your blastophonics... A friend of mine had one so big her dad put wheels on it for her. I can still remember listening to rundmc dexys midnight runners men without hats slade lol cracks me up.....


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