Monday, January 2, 2012

Holiday Emergencies

In the aftermath of the holidays the occasional emergency comes up that needs to be dealt with.  In this case my youngest employee lost a key piece to the assembly of one of his leisure time activities.  Given that he only gets five minutes a day outside the factory, I felt it would be in violation of the holiday spirit to put the older employee to work on Christmas day.  I quickly got over that.

I assure all of you that even though he was operating heavy machinery on 3 hours of sleep, the caffeine and sugar kept him quite alert while he moved the cross slide.  The end result was a functional part to allow the completion of the younger's leisure time activity and it only took 15 minutes and cost three fingers to complete. (don't worry the fingers were all mine)

When the younger commented on the difference in color, I simply replied the new piece is made out of Delrin and don't come complaining to me when a couple Bionicles show up in the morgue because the ABS part failed during a crucial operation.

Happy New Year to all and to all a good night. (except of course for the workers who do not have time to sleep)


  1. Dave,

    I see you are still coddling your workers by supplying safety glasses. :)

    Happy New Year to all


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