Friday, January 6, 2012

Music Maker of the Month - Joe Roberts!

It is about time that I honored Joe as Music Maker of the Month! This is the man that wrote Sound Practices! What we owe him cannot be understated, so to have overlooked him this long is a crime. My apologies, Joe. Here you go:

What Joe listens to is the amazing system above. Just check out these specifications:

The Dell AS500PA Sound Bar Computer Speakers are high-quality stereo sound speakers for anyone looking for superior quality sound with space considerations and less wires. These Sound Bar series speakers help in improving the quality of multimedia presentations, online training, gaming, DVD playback or simply listening to music on your system. The Dell AS500PA Sound Bar Computer Speakers deliver 14 watts of total RMS output to generate crystal clear sound. These high-quality stereo sound speakers are lightweight, smartly designed and can be easily attached to the Dell Ultrasharp monitor.

did you catch that? "or simply listening to music".. the fifth thing listed. Clearly they do not know their potential. Joe has owned darn near every piece of vintage gear worth owning, and I do mean *thousands* of pieces of gear, and this is what he chooses. Dell needs to have this unit reviewed. They are missing out on sales!

The installation is so very simple as well. Even audiophiles can hook this thing up:

I forgot to mention the features. Just check out the side headphone jack and single control - volume only.. very audiophile!

And do not take this as a joke. Joe still listens to gear of the highest quality to continually keep his reference high. Just check out the pictures from one of his trips to see friends in Korea. [here is the link to more pictures]

So Joe, thank you for writing Sound Practices! I personally cannot thank you enough for what it taught me. I hope in some little way this helps.



  1. Dude, you got it all wrong. I am rocking the 2x5W Dell AX510 Sound Bar.

    "With 135 Hz to 20 KHz system frequency response, the Dell AX510 covers wider range of frequencies, for optimum performance. So, get this two channel system designed Dell multimedia speaker and have the benefit of hassle-free entertainment."

    I think it is single ended...not sure...

    I'm still trying to save up for the big dawg AS500PA. They go for about $14.98 shipped on ebay. Actually I had one but I gave it to my mom so she could use it for playing Farmville.

  2. Sweetness. Tears stream from my face just imagining listening to Thomas Tallis via the Dell Sound Bar. Jonathan Valin, please review this!

    Hey, that's Camerata in Heyri Art Valley.

  3. Yeah, that is Camerata. I'm trying to convince Mr. Hwang to install a sound bar next to the 15As.

    I just listened to Tallis' "Spem in Alium" on AX510. Freaking great! Kicks total ass! At first I thought it was Black Sabbath, the dynamics are so fabulous.

  4. Woah.... So when is the pilgrimage to Korea!!!!

  5. Joe really should be honored. Although he isn't God, he is acutely aware that YouTube is the most significant portal to music out there, aside from vinyl. Also, he knows all about spray paint.

  6. Hi dear Joe... always dadaist;-)
    BTW: would you please keep me ALSO posted when Mr. Hwang will install a sound bar next to the 15As;-)))? I wouldn't miss the improvement;-)
    So, assuming "that" WE's system be in South Korea, as we briefly chatted about in Munchen, last May, I'd REALLY like to be part of the next event;-))) - i.e. trip to Seoul and Silbatone and all.
    Take super care,
    P.S. - of course I FULLY agree on Jeffrey's thanking, indeed!


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