Saturday, June 19, 2010

A piece of audio history.

What resides in this box is a true piece of audio history that was once owned by Sid Smith. Sids widow had a flood in her basement and my friend Ijaz went up to help her clean things out. In his sifting through the waterlogged items he stumbled across this case and what was inside was a far more valuable artifact than the watch it once housed.

In true Sid Smith style his own personal hand-built gaussmeter was recessed into a piece of walnut.

Today Ijaz and I went down to see Dick Sequerra and took this meter in tow to try to decipher how / if it still works. Dick has a bell 610 meter and a 5Kgauss standard and a magnet that measures 10Kg. A few minutes later the meter was giving us values that matched his 610 so I'm reasonably confident that it still is still functioning properly.

Here is a closeup of the only documentation we have on the unit and interestingly enough, it is all we needed to get it working.

The procedure is install a AA battery and plug the jacks into a DC voltmeter. Flip the switch to Calibrate and adjust to .768V Flip the witch to measure and 100mv is equal to 10Kg.

I'll compare it to my probe later in the week and tell some more tales of the trip but this one has me as giddy as a teenage girl at a slumber party.


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