Saturday, June 5, 2010

Evil Mercury....

I never thought I would type that... but I have finally found evil mercury. Nope, it hasn't magically jumped through the glass of my rectifiers, despite public claims of such nonsense. It is the mercury in that blasted thermometer. Every six hours or so it ramps up and I get cranky and can't think straight.

I have been cheating it a bit, though. Working on things during the magic Advil window. Yes, I have been resting, too, but look what I packed and shipped yesterday:

Sadly, that is about all I got done, but it is on the way. With any luck it will be spinning vinyl at Capital Audio Fest. (Dave, do you know why you got that wicked loud hum when we hooked it up (at 3am) in dallas? Apparently it helps to connect the input to the grid instead of an unused pin. Open grid on super high S tubes can pick up signal from anything in the neighborhood)

I am headed back to bed. Gotta get some fresh juices down and some sleep. Monday night is Mono at the Hi-Tone. That is *way* more important than speaker measurements out in the heat. I am a sucker for those shoe-gazing bands.....


  1. Oh dear, not feeling well. Sorry to hear that.
    Now, for Mono, please bring your most powerful
    earplugs. They play very loud at times.
    Most beautiful though, IMHO.
    Have fun, and try to hang out with the band.
    Show them some studios, and your stuff,
    I'm sure they would love it.


  2. Mono look v. interesting - sound like a mellow version of God Speed You Black Emperor...

    Get well soon JJ.

  3. Yeah - get well soon JJ - we'll miss you in DC!


  4. Dam love those globe tubes. Wow.

    Nice bamboo in the background. I'm planting some giant stuff this year to help block out my view of the hood.

    Hope your over the plague.


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