Friday, June 4, 2010


OK so it has nothing ot do with a mac and it really isn't a robot but one of my boys has a toy that looks sort of like the pic. What it really is..... you guessed it... a pair of MC Step-Ups in a maple case made of Mu-Wood. Obviously since it doesn't have my "Drug through the Hudson" trademark look it was built by someone else. It seemed to work out really well for a first go at it and if they prove to be noise free, a few minor revisions will provide a nice packaging option.

In the above shot you can see the two layers of mumetal sandwiched between the 1/4" maple planks. The inside is copper lined and houses a 1:12 for a 6 ohm cartridge. (Dynavector XV 1S and Lyra Helikon). The "rap test" gives a nice dead sound with no apparent ringing. Ultimately I think the boxes can be made a bit larger and house a stereo pair of transformers but I'm still happy for a first go at it.



  1. Where will the wheels attach?

  2. i think they'd look cool in back of a couple tonka flat-bed trucks...


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