Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Hustlers

I have always loved this picture from the movie. How so much emotion can be struck from a single image still amazes me. Below is a quick snap of another image from that era that really caught my eye when I first saw it hanging on a wall 10 months ago. Somehow, when I saw this picture, I felt like I was there and something meaningful had happened.

While I don't have all of the actual dates and times of when the event happened, the actual event being celebrated was the completion of the model 10 by Dick and Sid. Dick explained the picture to me when I first saw it and I believe it was single malt in the cups. To this day I am still eerily attached to it so I asked Dick if I could take a quick snap of it to show my friends.

The more I look at the two pictures, the more I am beginning to think that my initial attaching of these two images had something to do with my belief that Jackie Gleason was is in both and somehow the marantz designers were the rock stars of their generation. The connection of Sid and Dick to Jackie and Paul was a silly one until I found out that Sid actually came to New York to pursue singing and a life on stage and became an engineer to fund that passion. As education goes, beyond his stint in the army Dick is completely self taught on his passions.

Today when I look at those pictures, I see 4 artists with true passion and happy memories of a lost friend.

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