Tuesday, June 15, 2010

one of the boys turned 8 last Saturday.

Just over a year ago before he turned 7, I asked my oldest what he wanted for his birthday and he simply replied "A stereo like yours". Being the smart adult, I quickly responded you are too young for that type of responsibility and you will have to wait. He quickly rebuffed "How long?". In my brilliance I said "when you are 8".

You will notice that my last post was a full week ago and in my defense the question came from my then 7 year old pachyderm "How is my stereo coming?"

Saturday afternoon this was tossed in the trunk of the car with a bunch of cull records and after a visit to an arcade with his friends, I told him I was going to the transfer station (PC for dump) with some junk. He refuses to throw anything away and became alarmed what treasures of his I might be tossing. When the trunk opened he realized it was his stereo and his friends couldn't figure out his enjoyment from the junk.

Prior to giving it to him, the right channel of the cartridge was gone so the left channel served mono duty. The cantilever (of the removable stylus) looked like this. (funny thing is the sound wasn't bad)

He was so happy that there was actually the option to play a 45 since his favorite record from his collection of three given to him by our DJ friend Leith just happened to have too big of a hole and needs too fast of a rotation for "daddy's turntable".

In case any of you want to know what type of music this is, I'll test the blogs video capabilities and show you the previously unreleased 2008 bootleg video.

In the defense of the proud slagle name, he was 6 and his brother 4 when this was taken and in case you haven't noticed, we are hopelessly pale. (PC for white) The good news is three weeks ago his aunt lent him an ipod and for a moment, that is all he wanted for his birthday, so if all else fails, I successfully quashed that idea.

Knowing him the way I do, in a few weeks he will ask me where his tube amp is thinking it was part of the deal. Thinking I can outsmart him, I'll say "You get a tube amp when you are 9".

Do any of us ever Learn that our children are truly smarter than us?



  1. Dude, your pickins are bustin it up on Pumpkin belly.

    The answer to your question is NO. In the last week, my 13 year old kid talked me out of a vintage Omega watch and has me setting up a Silbatone 300B amp for his personal stereo.

    Any more questions?


  2. Raise 'em right I always say.

  3. Hi Dave,

    I just got back into town so I didn't get a chance to see this post until this morning. It's my favorite! Even better than the Lemon LuLu post. Watching your boys bust a move reminds me of my children when they were younger. I miss those times. Also, they can dance better than I can. I can see it coming. When Leo turns nine and get the tube amp, he'll ask, "Dad, are the output transformers 49% nickel or 80% nickel?". You'll tell him, of course, that he'll have to wait until he's ten.



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