Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Let's see if I can get this one to convey via the computer. In person, it is hilarious.

One of the big projects I am working on is finally getting to build the 304TL properly. As you guys know, I have been working with this tube for years and years now. It really is so transparent and big and incisive, that it sounds like the parts you surround it with. In that manner, it is like cooking tofu. And you guys know how I like tofu. I liked it best with a single triode stacked supply direct coupled driver with the Altec 15's. Let's call that the family favorite tofu tacos. With the big horns I liked the sweet and detailed 485 transformer coupled. So how about calling that a tasty Indian Masala?

What I am now working on is the Thai green curry tofu version of the 304tl. Throw everything I can at it. Real power. Big sound. Make music. So you will note that what I am actually listening to is the driver stage for said amplifier. His speakers are more than 10dB less efficient than mine, so his driver stage will easily power my speakers. What is missing in the above picture is the Aa on the left. That is the best input stage so far. The output here, which will be the driver in a few days, is the Western Electric 205. I know why people pay what they do for these tubes. Fabulous sound. Resolution.

So what I have been doing the last few days is flipping from the cobalt parallel feed arrangement, to 80% nickel, to the amorphous quadruple C-cores. And just listening.. for flavor.. so let's see if scale comes across... I am going from the first picture above, to the one below:

and from that, to this:

and believe it or not, they all have roughly the same inductance, just wildly varying dc current capability....

Scale.... it is all relative...


  1. But which one sounds better?

    I can also understand why you do not have a cat.

  2. Hey man... it is cooking...


    and cats.... I am allergic to them...


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