Friday, September 24, 2010

Big Nickel in da House!

The friendly neighborhood UPS man dropped this on my steps while I was out getting dog food this afternoon.  Inside each of those boxes is 25 pounds of big nickel lamination.  !/2 of it is 49% and the other half is 80%.  The 49% makes a wonderful full range 8W output transformer for say a 300B and the 80% will do a glorious full range 3W for say a 2A43, 45 or 50!

In order to keep my limited space under control I try to keep it so when something new comes in, something old needs to go out.  Since I have been craving this big nickle for about 5 years, some hard choices needed to be made.

100+ pounds by Large Flat Rate Box.

~70 pounds by padded envelope

I still needed another 80 pounds and realizing I  Also have another 30 pounds of small 80% on the way made my decision doubly tough.   Should I use the box or padded envelope approach?


Since I believe the USPS has pretty strict rules about shipping Jedi warriors, the padded evvelope approach wins... Now where did I but those contractor bags?


  1. Dude!! I think I might be more excited about this than you! I can't wait to get ears on some heavy metal...

    and you better not send that yellow dog to me... or the cat...


  2. have patience, dave may be "out" for a while after CPS gets ahold of him...


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