Friday, September 24, 2010

Logo Update #1...

Lots of email responses.. lots of favorites....

However, the consensus is that E and F are the most professional. They are in a font that looks very deco to me. As I told dave, I can easily see that font on the front of a Manhattan building.

I also want a logo that does get out of the way. I am not making my statement with the logo, but rather with the piece itself, preferably when the switch is thrown and the music plays.

If all things were perfect, it would have some long lasting symbolic meaning. That is why I like the cross. It is from a time well before the German army or even the Christians used it. It is from our earliest days. Used to label the stars, the seasons, and then morphing to relate to the early pagan gods.

So, I am still undecided. I did modify E, and it is attached below. I also had two email submissions that I have posted.

Thanks everyone. In another few days we'll see how it shakes out.



  1. Take another look at the original "F" design...seriously. The simplicity of its perimeter made it work. It needs only minor tweaking, in my opinion.


  2. I still think F is the best. And I think the original E was better. Using the larger radius on the right section creates a discontinuity that to me anyway, keeps drawing my attention to it, making it difficult to take in the logo as a whole.

    The original E, as with F were more balanced.

    Maybe keep the extended middle bar of the "E" but for my money, nothing beats the simple elegance of F.


  3. What if the breaks in the circle were simply left off? The eye would still figure it out, right?


  4. Mmmm...

    I dunno. Yeah, the eye still ultimately figures it out, but I think the breaks were a nice touch. It's the discontinuity of the larger radius used in the new E that I think ruins it, not the breaks themselves.


  5. Hi Win,

    I like 'E' a lot! Very clean and appropriate.


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